Shadows over Eldolan

More leads and an ambush

After meeting with Aerto and finding and destroying a demon cult cell in Elodan, Hanimar used his pull with the Emperor to have the town guard, the Silver Shield, keep watch out for more demon goings-on.

Meanwhile, Drago was performing at the Westwind Inn and the audience swears they saw him alter his form into something demon like, causing a riot (at right about the same time as the cultists actually summoned a demon across town). The Shields are skeptical and since there have been no reports of demon activity, they let Drago off the hook and even recovered his tip jar containing a nice payout in gold and a magic ring called The Thief’s Eye.

Elturi was approached by more fellow followers of the Crusader and learned that a bunch of dark clerics and other Crusader fans are in the temple district mocking the gods of light and recruiting for an assault on a hell hole. They gave him two +1 runes.

Darian was approached by a Drow named Zoristar Twoscars, a disciple of the Prince of Shadows. Zoristar told him about a magic item in a thief guild’s storage area in the sewers that would let him translate (and then actually use) the magic on the orb that the Prince gave him… the catch is that he wants Darian and friends to get rid of the ochre jelly in the sewers which is disrupting usual thief guild activities.

Malkier was approached by Korvas Graymane, a half orc with flowers braided into his hair, who claimed that the High Druid sent him to thank Malkier for his efforts in stopping the demon cult and encourage him to get to the bottom of the zombie attack in Hawker’s Square.

The party investigated further leads about where the zombie attack in the first session could happen and spoke with Rollo the Thin, a tobacconist in Hawker’s Square who claims that one of the zombies was a friend who’d been laid to rest properly at the Dead Vaults, the city’s cemetery. He doesn’t understand how that could happen if the body was properly interred and encouraged the party to look into it.

Finally the party attempted to meet with Riley Three Fingers, a fence who Elsa Whiterose in the temple district told them about. But they were ambushed by the Ratsmashers who they summarily disposed of. They later tracked Riley down and learned that a drug dealer, called the Dreammaster, pays the Ratsmashers to operate on his turf. He is supposedly holed up in an abandoned theater in the Commons and has a couple of thugs guarding him at all times.

When we left them the party had planned to investigate the Dead Vaults… that’s where we’ll pick up.



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