Shadows over Eldolan

Is that a zombie with a pumpkin head?

13th Age session 1

Eldolan is a good sized city that sits on Pocket Bay, not far from Horizon, where the Arch Mage hangs out. Its proximity to Horizon and the fact that Eldolan houses three academies of magic means that magic is part of everyday life in the city.

There is a palpable sense of rivalry between the schools of magic and magical pranks between schools are not uncommon.

The characters found themselves in Eldolan for various reasons and all were attempting to meet up with their contact, Raley Tallfellow, a halfling and representative of the Emperor. Before they could have a conversation, a large group of zombies attacked in the city square, apparently targeting Raley (and therefor the Emperor) and causing general zombie havoc. One of the zombies had a pumpkin in place of its head, which would have been comic if it weren’t so disturbing.

Afterwards it became clear that the Silver Shields (town guard) are spread too thin to do much investigation into the attack and the mages from the three schools of magic are all accusing each other of either a failed prank or experiment gone wrong… the characters hear an argument in which one school is accusing another of being responsible for the Ochre Jelly that’s escaped into the sewers (and it turns out Darian might have had a hand in this…)

The party came away from the scene with one lead, to talk to Elsa Whiterose who told the Shields that she recognized two of the zombies as people who have visited the mission that she runs for the poor. Part of the group went to talk to her and learned the missing people’s names and that there are rumors of poor folk going missing for over a month now and a second hand story that two men were seen carrying off Old Ralph from an alley while he was cursing and muttering. She suggested they go speak with some of the poor folk on the streets to learn more.

Meanwhile, the other characters head for the Westwind Inn where Darian performs much to the delight of the patrons and Ilturi gets a lead from a fellow follower of the Crusader… that someone named Aerto down by the docks is paying well for the “recently deceased”. One their way to investigate at the Lusty Dolphin, the group is confronted by dwarves who appear itching for a fight, but stand down when they find out who Mogan is as they are fans of his ale.

They offer to buy Mogan an ale and headed into the Dolphin as we wrapped up.



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