Shadows over Eldolan

Demon cult!

Session 2

Mostly for Brian and Connor’s sake… last session had the party following up the lead that someone named Aerto near the docks was paying good coin for the recently deceased, perhaps leading to some clues as to where the zombies came from. The party found him and posed as a group with bodies to sell.

Part of the party faked dead while the others followed Aerto to the body drop off location. Upon investigation they discovered a creepy two-headed beetle thing guarding an underground ritual site for a group of demon worshipers who were about to conduct a blood sacrifice and summon a demon… which in spite of a valiant effort by the party, they accomplished.

The session ended with the party having just defeated the demon and cultists but still to search the underground lair or make a plan about what to do next. The only other lead you currently have is that Elsa Whiterose at the temple of the Priestess says she knew two of the zombies as former visitors to her mission in the Commons. We’ll start tomorrow with everyone except Drago and BoGo still in the lair so they can search and explore. We will bring Drago and Bogo in either shortly after we start or I’ll alternate scenes to keep everyone involved.

Character highlights:
Mogan (Justin) now has a magic item and some cool magic oil that he received from his new dwarf friends in order to convince him not to try and rid himself of his power granted by the Diabolist

Darian (Jeff) has a drow asking around about him at the magic academy and talking about some magic item he apparently has— this according to his new friend Caleb who happens to be trying to join the after-school necromancers club. The night before the zombie attack he saw a group enter the storm grate in the square but only two come back out… and strangely enough the streetlights were out in the square, even though the Lantern Guild wizards had already come to light the magic street lights…

Drago has been performing at the Westwind Inn every day since Darian and his magic act have been busy so he wasn’t able to join you. BoGo has a soft heart and staid with Elsa at the Priestess’s temple to help with the mission… both will be back at the Westwind when we start tomorrow. See you then.



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